Welcome to the booking info page for the 2018 International Order Retreat at Abhayaloka

Entering the Greater Mandala

International Order Retreat

at Abhayaloka, Finland 24 Aug-2 Sep 2018

Led by Prakasha

Through practising Formless Meditation and contemplating the three Laksanas, we will explore the five qualities of awareness that arise, which correlate to the five Wisdoms or Jnanas. Through cultivating these qualities, we can enter the Greater Mandala.

The five Wisdoms are embodied by the five Jinas and their dynamic aspect by the five Jnana Dakinis. providing a fascinating, symbolic and practical set of correspondences that can profoundly enrich our Dharma practice. The retreat is held in a devotional context of puja with supportive silence and meditation reviews.

Bookings below

Price: €380 (Full Price)/€320 (Conc Price)

When booking, state which fee you would like to pay (’Any other info’ on the form below.) Concessions apply to those on low income.

Once you have had confirmation that you have a place on the retreat we will send you details of how to pay. Please do not send money before you have had confirmation of your place.

We wish to organise a mix of sexes and to prioritise roughly half the spaces to Nordic OMs, half to all other OMs, as well as sorting out the shared accommodation.

Please pay before June 15th 2018.

Please note: There is no deposit to pay in advance, but if you cancel the retreat after June 15th 2018, we will ask for a cancellation fee of 70 euros.

If you have any questions please email:  

About coming to Abhayaloka from overseas

The retreat centre is about an hour by road from Helsinki in southern Finland. A minibus will be arranged to pick up flights to Helsinki Airport. The bus will leave the airport around 4pm on the day the retreat begins, so you will need to book a flight that arrives at Helsinki no later than 3.15pm. You will need to book your return flight to leave after 4pm on the day of leaving the retreat. Some of you may wish to make arrangements to stop over in Helsinki – please let us know if you are planning to do that.

British Airways/Finnair flies direct from Heathrow and the low-cost airline Norwegian flies from several places in Europe (including from Gatwick, Manchester and Edinburgh in UK).

What you may need

Abhayaloka is set in the Finnish forest countryside by a 10km-long lake. It is a 1920s village schoolhouse bought by Triratna in 1996 and set in a few acres of grounds running to the lakeside with its own sauna and jetty. Binoculars may be a boon for bird-lovers. Good outdoor weather gear is advisable, including footwear suitable for uneven ground.  Hats and gloves may be useful as nights can be chilly – inside the house is warm year round.

Sauna: Optional sauna will be part of the programme so here is your chance to experience the traditional Finnish sauna with lake swimming.If you wish to swim at other times to sauna time you will need to bring swimming costume.

Bedding: We provide linen and duvets/pillows. Please bring any personal medication and let us know if you have any specific medication you think we should know about.

Pujas: we will be doing pujas and would welcome any instruments you can bring with you…

Health: please bring with you your EHIC card if you are coming from another EU country. And let us know if you are on any medication you think we should know about.

Thank you for your interest in coming on this retreat.

This International Order Retreat is set up to deepen meditation practice in the Order, to promote internationality within the Order sangha and the Nordic Order, and to raise funds for the maintenance of this beautiful old building. We welcome your support for this venture.


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