New Year Retreat (29.12.17 – 7.1.18)

/, Retriitit, uutiset/New Year Retreat (29.12.17 – 7.1.18)

New Year Retreat (29.12.17 – 7.1.18)

 Life as a human being

                       Spiritual liberation while living in the world

                                  The path of the Bodhisattva

In Buddhism what we call the Bodhicitta arises from practice in context of two great tensions in ones being; the dilemma between self and other. This is essentially the Bodhisattva Path which works the ground between the need to liberate oneself and the need to help and benefit others. After all it is not abstract principles that become enlightened but living, breathing human beings.

A nine day retreat in the winter stillness of the Finnish forest with meditation, ritual, contemplation and reflection; great food and friendship in the environs of Abhayaloka retreat centre.

Retreat led by Guhyavajra and team, in English. For people who have practiced at least 6 months within Triratna.

Price 300 € /190 €/ 400€ (Waged (including deposit / Unwaged, unemployed etc. including deposit / Support price for Abhayaloka)

Please note: The retreat is mainly for Finnish people, though there might be some places for people coming from Estonia and Sweden. If you are from Sweden and want to participate, please contact Guhyavajra. So please don’t pay the deposit before you have confirmation that you can attend.

NOTE: A non-refundable booking fee 50 € validates the booking. Payment to Buddhalainen Yhteisö Triratna ry, account FI8410173000211337, reference number 10553. Note: you will get a conformation message after you have paid the booking fee.  Rest of the retreat fee must be paid before the retreat on the same account and same reference number .

(Kun olet maksanut ilmoittautumismaksusi 50€, osallistumisesi retriitille varmistuu. Maksun maksamisen jälkeen saat vahvistusviestin.)

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